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iPhone Apps Organisation

Whilst the iphone is a great phone with huge potential, organising all that potential/apps is a key problem. I spent a bit of time searching google trying to find out how people had organised their iphone apps as while the app store is great, with 30,000+ apps its actually possible to populate your iphone with a number of apps that are actually useful and fun but which end up all over the different screens (ie a total of 9 different screens each with 16 possible apps).

App Store

One key lacking feature (hopefully to be rectified in the up and coming release of 3.0) is the ability to organise apps in a logical manner and this seems impossible unless you’ve got a jailbroken phone – something I don’t want to do for the sake of organising the apps in a logical fashion. There is no function to group apps together using their App store categorisation which might be an appropriate grouping and there’s also no easy way of moving the apps around in their ‘wiggly’ state. So with all that, I decided that I’d devise my own nomenclature and organise apps based on that so the organising would have to be done only once and that it would be clear where existing/new apps should go. I wanted to ensure that (with the exception of the last category), there was no more than sixteen apps per category so that I could have one category per screen. Ideally I didn’t want a full screen of apps as well so tried to split apps so there was no more than twelve – this wasn’t always possible. So the two challenges – what are the categories? and what categories do my apps fall into?

Without further ado, the categories I settled on were:

1) The Dock

2) Contacting / Organising

3) Social Networking

4) Knowledge / Reading

5) Location

6) Entertainment

7) Tools

8) Fun / Not in use

Some comments on the above categories: The dock needed to contain apps that are frequenty used and where I need quick access irrespective of screen. Contacting organising included text, voip apps, calendar, to do’s etc. Social networking to included twitter, friendfeed, facebook etc. Knowledge reading to include rss feed readers, bloomberg (news), itn news Location was for apps which are predominantly using location to provide their content ie. maps, aroundme, london a-z, google earth etc. Entertainment was for video, music so photos, youtube, babelgum, iplayer etc. Tools was for apps which didn’t really fit elsewhere ie. Air mouse, Ultralingua dictionary, calculator, remote, boxee etc. Fun / Not in use was for all the ‘fart-apps’ etg. ipity, wooo button, whoopie etc and also apps like phone (I can get to the phone by double clicking the home button), stocks (I use bloomberg), weather (I look out the window / go outside). The apps I had were: Mail Gmail Calendar Contacts Omnifocus Text Tweetie Truphone KeyTasks Maps Clock Safari App Store iXpenseIt Bloomberg Bookmarks Camera Photos iPod AroundMe ITN News eReader BBC iPlayer Facebook YouTube Weather Air Mouse Bath Results Ultralingua Showtimes GB Locate Tumblr Instapaper MobileMe Gallery London A-Z Calculator London Tube DataCase Remote LocalPicks Traffic Info Google Earth Wi-Fi Finder Evernote Byline Nimbuzz Nambu MotherFeed Last.fm Boxee Flixter MyRail Lite MobileFiles Shazam Retweet Settings Stocks Phone iTunes Notes Speedtest iSteam AeroGt.Free DoneDrinkn Mr.Poot! Whoopie Festive Kit Shakespeare Babelgum iPint Tap Tap Lightsaber Pumpkin Joost Wooo Button Crazy Lighter Grenade Banner Free StunOMatic iPity Annoyance with the break between the groups being a new screen.

I categorised the apps into the following categories / screens:

Gmail (1.Dock)

Contacts (1.Dock)

Safari (1.Dock)

Camera (1.Dock)

Mail (2.Contacting/Organising)

Calendar (2.Contacting/Organising)

Omnifocus (2.Contacting/Organising)

Text (2.Contacting/Organising)

Truphone (2.Contacting/Organising)

KeyTasks (2.Contacting/Organising)

Clock (2.Contacting/Organising)

Bookmarks (2.Contacting/Organising)

DataCase (2.Contacting/Organising)

Evernote (2.Contacting/Organising)

MobileFiles (2.Contacting/Organising)

iXpenseIt (2.Contacting/Organising)

Tweetie (3.Social Networking)

Facebook (3.Social Networking)

Tumblr (3.Social Networking)

Nimbuzz (3.Social Networking)

Nambu (3.Social Networking)

MotherFeed (3.Social Networking)

Retweet (3.Social Networking)

Bloomberg (4.Knowledge/Reading)

ITN News (4.Knowledge/Reading)

eReader (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Bath Results (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Showtimes (4.Knowledge/Reading)

GB Locate (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Instapaper (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Byline (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Shakespeare (4.Knowledge/Reading)

Maps (5.Location)

AroundMe (5.Location)

London A-Z (5.Location)

London Tube (5.Location)

LocalPicks (5.Location)

Traffic Info (5.Location)

Google Earth (5.Location)

Wi-Fi Finder (5.Location)

MyRail Lite (5.Location)

Flixter (5.Location)

Photos (6.Entertainment)

iPod (6.Entertainment)

BBC iPlayer (6.Entertainment)

YouTube (6.Entertainment)

MobileMe Gallery (6.Entertainment)

Last.fm (6.Entertainment)

iTunes (6.Entertainment)

Babelgum (6.Entertainment)

Joost (6.Entertainment)

App Store (7.Tools)

Air Mouse (7.Tools)

Ultralingua (7.Tools)

Calculator (7.Tools)

Remote (7.Tools)

Boxee (7.Tools)

Shazam (7.Tools)

Settings (7.Tools)

Speedtest (7.Tools)

Stocks (8.Fun/No Use)

Weather (8.Fun/No Use)

Notes (8.Fun/No Use)

iSteam (8.Fun/No Use)

AeroGt.Free (8.Fun/No Use)

DoneDrinkn (8.Fun/No Use)

Mr.Poot! (8.Fun/No Use)

Whoopie (8.Fun/No Use)

Festive Kit (8.Fun/No Use)

iPint (8.Fun/No Use)

Tap Tap (8.Fun/No Use)

Lightsaber (8.Fun/No Use)

Pumpkin (8.Fun/No Use)

Wooo Button (8.Fun/No Use)

Crazy Lighter (8.Fun/No Use)

Grenade (8.Fun/No Use)

Banner Free (8.Fun/No Use)

StunOMatic (8.Fun/No Use)

iPity (8.Fun/No Use)

Annoyance (8.Fun/No Use)

Phone (8.Fun/No Use)

I hope this post has provided you with some help on how to possibly organise your own apps on your iphone until Apple comes up with an easy way of doing it in the next version of the OS. Related articles by Zemanta

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