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Problems with Add/Remove Hardware…and a solution

A relative asked me the other day to help with a problem that had occurred with their computer after they’d had it rebuilt following a virus attack. The Add/Remove Hardware icon had disappeared from the system tray which meant that after importing photos, there was no… ..safe way to remove the hardware to ensure there was no file corruption. After a few searches on google I was none the wiser and resorted to looking around the Control Panel thinking there was probably a check box that had become unticked. Not the case – whilst there’s an Add/Remove Programs, there is only an Add Hardware option so I got back on google. I eventually found what I was looking for in a fellow blogger post which solved the problem brilliantly. If you have the same problem then check out http://briancantin.blogspot.com/2008/10/missing-safely-remove-hardware-in.html for the solution. Here is a small extract:

So, I plug my USB flash drive into my computer and load some data to take with me. I look down to the bottom right of my screen and … where’s the icon gone? I look through the menus and control panels and cannot find an entry for it. Next step, I check to see if the drive has an ‘Eject’ option. It doesn’t. Only two things I can do – pull the drive and hope it’s all written, or shutdown the PC and pull it out then. Since I was short on time, I yanked the USB drive and everything went OK – but where did that icon go?

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